Loxley Media is a full-service digital media and strategy firm specializing in video production, web and graphic design, fundraising, advertising, social media, and database solutions for political groups and campaigns.


Loxley creates captivating web sites and mobile applications. We offer next-generation features and tailormade content, optimized for the audience you want to connect with - whether it's policy groups, voters, or key committee Members.


One-size fits all content no longer works. Messages and content must be platform specific. We specialize in creating content that attracts and retains your desired audience whether it's voters back home or Members on the Hill.


Data is king, and we love it. We derive data from multiple sources and 'fast-cycle' test your messaging to not only reach the largest audience possible, but to engage them as well. We ensure your message will rise above the noise, and the competition.


Video Production

Our team of video producers, animators, and editors can create and film unique videos to drive traffic and dollars to your organization, campaign, or group.

Web & Graphic Design

Loxley Media’s web and graphic designers can create captivating materials for your campaign. A beautifully designed and functional site generates higher engagement.

Social Media

Loxley’s proprietary social media algorithms allow you to target and recruit highly-active followers. A robust digital presence is key to building your brand.

Fundraising Tools

From email campaigns to custom applications, our fundraising tools allow you to turn every donor into a fundraising force multiplier.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is far more effective and cost efficient than traditional media. Our copywriters and advertising brokers can deploy a campaign to maximize your ad budget.

Database Solutions

Our powerful database solutions derive information about your followers from multiple sources giving you intimate knowledge useful in fundraising.

Our Team